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I Opet Mercedes. Metalni komad nastao tokom procesa proizvodnje može blokirati nepovratni ventil ESP hidraulike, i ovo može uticati na performanse kočnica, a to može voditi ka incidentu. Ovaj problem imaju A-klase pravljene od 18. do 23. aprila 2018. godine.

A metal chip formed during the assembly process within the ESP hydraulic unit could block a non-return valve. As a consequence, the non-return valve might no longer be able to close, affecting the performance of the brake pedal. This could increase the risk of an accident. Mercedes-Benz A-Class built between 18. 4. 2018 – 23. 4. 2018 are affected by this recall.

Company recall code: 4296039

Izvor: Rapex Alert 4/2019 A12/0138/18